Discover a haven of peace and refinement
at the heart of the Medina



Services included in pricing :

pointrental of the entire riad


pointstaff member (2 persons) working 8 hours a day. Bahia can cook meals for you. You will agree with her on what you would like to eat. Si Mohammed will go shopping to the market for you, and will ask you you need to spend for his purchase.

You can also choose from the menu with set prices. We made the choice to set up prices close to the real cost, considering that cooking is part of free service.

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four du potier

pointthe breakfest

moroccan breakfast with fresh traditional breads, traditional pastries, fresh orange juice

four du potier

pointbaggage carry over on your arrival and departure at Bab Boujloud

four du potier

point mint tea

four du potier

pointhome cinema

Welcome to the children. In the salon on the ground floor, you will find :
- home cinema with videoprojector
- playstation PS2


Services on demand :

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